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Sutton Tennis Club


Our latest project has been the Sutton tennis club, which was in need of a total revamp. There were drainage issues that needed to be addressed in order to keep the tennis courts in tip-top condition. Here at Sports Maintenance, we made it our mission to get the tennis courts looking their best once again.

Firstly, we took up the existing Porous Kushion Kourt (PKK) matting system, which was damaged. We removed the matting from a block of three courts at Sutton Tennis Club. The macadam base of the courts had drainage issues and needed to be repaired. We worked hard to make sure these issues were solved. The courts were then overlaid with new PKK mesh.

Next, we added the line markings to the tennis courts. Last but not least, the final step of the project will be a ‘slip test’ – then it’s playtime for everyone at Sutton Tennis Club. After that, all the players will need to worry about is whether the ball is in or out!

Sports Overlays proved to be an excellent choice for the installation of our porous acrylic courts. The initial meetings were thorough. The preparatory work was very professional with members noting the time they spent readying the surface.  The installation was smooth and conducted with great diligence by their Project Manager. The painting of the surface and most importantly the lines was managed with precision.

Steve Tiddy, Sutton Tennis and Squash Club

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