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PKK Tennis for Tennis


Popular with tennis clubs and schools across Europe and the UK. PKK is a heavy duty cushioned matting system that has an acrylic textured coat finish. The matting is glued onto an existing base, normally macadam or concrete. It can be used indoors and outdoors. PKK gives a faster more competitive game and is classed as an ITF category 4 medium – fast pace play.

The PKK product not only offers the end users excellent slip resistance and grip under foot, but also gives more energy back to the body through the patented acrylic matting. The PKK surface is excellent for all standard of players from Juniors to Seniors and allows a mixed paced game that will suit all levels of player.

PKK Tennis
Life Expectancy


PKK Tennis

Surface Characteristics

  • European (Dutch) manufactured system
  • The PKK offers fast and reliable drainage, keeping courts active all year round
  • Life expectancy 12-15 years
  • Play characterstics consistent/stable over time
  • The acrylic nish can be upgraded to achieve netball standards, making it a multi-use surface
  • It offers a superior playing surface/upgrade for end users
  • Avoids re-surfacing costs linked to installing a new macadam base
  • Quality assurance - Key Stage Testing undertaken on installation

Frequently Asked Questions

What life expectancy can we get from such overlays?

10-15 years depending upon use and abuse plus maintenance programs followed.

What sports can be played on these overlays?

Ref brochure BUT You cannot play tennis OR netball on 3G overlays as such surfaces have specific ball play characteristics for football. (too soft)

What is the most flexible overlay in terms of sports?

Sand dressed carpet overlay systems.

Do you need shock pads for overlay systems?

Yes for hockey and yes for football. No for tennis and no for netball

What m2 budget cost is linked to these overlay systems?

Range from £30m2 to £50m2 – size of area -quantity of line marking required- quality of base levels – type of overlay required- shock pad requirements.

Can I put lots of line markings onto an overlay system?

Yes, but it does look unsightly and can in some cases weaken the system especially if you are inlaying lines into a carpet overlay system. Less is more.

Can I paint lines onto a carpet overlay system ?

Yes, but you must use the correct type of paint. Good way of avoiding the above problem linked to weakening the system.

What are the maintenance costs ?

Depends on level of use, size of area, how sheltered the surface is, how much in-house maintenance is undertaken. These variables influence the frequency of professional maintenance visits required.

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